Standards & Upgrades

Included In A Standard Shed:

  • Steel roof (20 colours to choose from)
  • “Gable” or “Shed” style roof
  • 2 (18”x27”) windows
  • 1 double door or 2 single doors c/w ramps or step
  • 2 gable vents
  • Hemlock interior walls
  • 1” Hemlock Floor Planks
  • Exposed steel roof for the interior
  • An End Porch can be included in square footage of overall shed dimensions (comes with railings)
  • Standard interior wall heights are 6’8″ - 6’10” tall, depending on shed size


Upgrade Options:

  • 3/8” Plywood Interior Walls - sealed with tarpaper, add $5/sqft
  • 1” Hemlock Roof Planks - add 6% of base price (adds a finished look to your interior)
  • 3/4″ Plywood Floor, add 5% of base price (provides a smooth floor finish)
  • Side Porch- c/w deck up to 6′ wide, add $30/sqft (shipped as kit to be installed by customer)
  • Lean-to/Carport -up to 12’ wide, add $20/sqft (shipped as kit to be installed by customer)
  • Barn roof, add 6% of base price (can only be built up to 11’ wide)
  • Additional doors, add $100/single door (32”- 48”), $200/double door (4’-8’)
  • Sliding doors, add $400 per door opening (requires wall to be at least twice as wide as door)
  • Additional windows, add $80 for (14”x21”), $90 for (18”x27”),  $110 for (24”x27”)
  • Exterior wood treatment, add 10% of base price, let us do the dirty work for you
  • Interior wall heights can be made up to 8’ tall, quoted separately